A Message from the UN Idlib Campaign

We see you

We stand with you

You are not forgotten

You are #NotATarget



As bombs continue to fall on Idlib, at least 330,000 people have been displaced internally in the last two months, a recorded 24 attacks on health care facilities has hindered assistance to those who have been sick and injured across the region, and at least three million civilians, among them one million children, are in imminent and mortal danger from the escalating violence in Idlib governorate and surrounding areas.


On 27 June 2019, eleven chiefs of global humanitarian organizations will spearhead the launch of a worldwide campaign in solidarity with civilians under fire in north-western Syria. In a direct video address, humanitarian leaders stress that civilians face the constant threat of violence and armed conflict and desperately need protection. Stressing that “too many have died already” and that “even wars have laws”, they deplore the devastating impact of the fighting on hospitals, schools and markets.


In order to help the civilians of Idlib, their hardships need to be heard by all loud and clear. The video will be posted on Twitter and other online platforms. Global leaders and the public are encouraged to share it with their own networks to show solidarity and to emphasize that they are also witnesses to what is happening in Idlib.


Join us by sending the message that you are watching too. Share our tweet to help us spread the word.

Chandler Collins