Project Spotlight: "A Search for a New Home" Exhibition Raises Funds for Shelter Homes in Brazil

Towards a Better Latin America, a student-organization at the University of Virginia, worked together with the UNHCR in Brazil to raise funds to buy five shelter homes for the UNHCR camps that are giving shelter to the Venezuelan migrants and refugees in the state of Roraima, Brazil. As part of this project, they hosted an exhibition at the University where we're recreating the living space of Venezuelans currently living in the streets of Brazil. The exhibit also tells the story of what is happening in Venezuela, the current migration crisis affecting Latin America, as well as what TBLA and the UNHCR are doing to help.

Gabriela Corredor, a member of Towards a Better Latin America, shared her reflections on the success of the exhibition.

“At the beginning of the semester, this project was only a dream, one that we hoped would inform and spark action within the UVa community. To our surprise, the project has done so much more; it has demonstrated to our Towards a Better Latin America members, students, faculty and staff that the sky is truly the limit. The exhibit has started a conversation about Latin America in grounds and for that, we will always be thankful and proud. In the course of five days we raised a total of $10,654 which amounted to 10% of the total costs for the refurbishing of 300 tents (adding two windows and one extra door) in Boa Vista, Brazil. “

Chandler Collins